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Laureate Grain


The No.1 spring malting barley for the UK.


SY Splendor

An excellent feed spring barley with great grain quality and high yields.



The older spring malting barley with popularity on farm.



The only spring malting barley with Full MBC Approval for Grain Distilling.


SY Tennyson

Currently undergoing MBC pilot process for brewing & malt distilling approval


SY Signet

Undergoing Pilot MBC Testing for Brewing


Syngenta Malting Barley Excellence

Syngenta have been breeding malting barley for over 35 years. In that time we have shown we have the expertise to deliver class-leading varieties for you to grow for the brewing and distilling industry. Over the last 15 years, our malting barleys have accounted for more than 650,000 tonnes of certified seed sales and produced over 1.6 billion pints of beer.

Hazel Bull

Meet the breeder - Hazel Bull

“Having joined Syngenta in January 2018, I am the most recent addition to the Cereal breeders. My background combines barley genetics and field based research, prior to joining Syngenta I spent 8 years at The James Hutton Institute, Dundee. I am excited to join the Syngenta team which has a strong history of malting barley excellence as well as facing the challenge of breeding new varieties which fulfill the agronomic demands of farmers in tandem with the key quality requirements of the Maltster, Brewer and Distiller.”


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