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Operation Pollinator Seed Offers 2023

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Operation Pollinator multifunctional landscapes

Operation Pollinator supports growers to enhance biodiversity on their farms and demonstrates that profitable intensive farming can go hand in hand with the protection of natural resources and biodiversity.


Operation Pollinator provides the experience and advice to help farmers replace habitats essential for all pollinating insects. Pioneered by Syngenta research, it is recognised as one of the world’s leading environmental initiatives.

Positive action for pollinators

What is Operation Pollinator all about?

Download the Operation Pollinator brochure to find out what, and how, the initiative could help you to deliver, and why you should be involved?

Growers Guidelines

Operation Pollinator Growers Guidelines

Find out how to get the best success from sowing Operational Pollinator mixes and how multifunctional landscapes could help?

Stewardship measures cover

Stewardship measures to protect pollinators on farms

Advice and practical ideas for measures to minimise risks to pollinators and other farm biodiversity when using crop protection products