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3D ninety rotating nozzle

Coming soon: the new 3D ninety nozzle

The iconic design of the Syngenta 3D ninety combines the exceptional performance of the renowned Defy 3D nozzle, with the benefits of revolutionary 90% drift reduction technology (DRT), according to New Farming Technologies Lead, Harry Fordham.

Watch the videos below to find out more.

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Introducing the 3D ninety nozzle

Harry Fordham, New Farming Technologies lead at Syngenta explains the journey that lead to the creation of the 3D ninety nozzle.

Watch the videos below to learn about the research and development behind the nozzle, how they are manufactured and what sprayer operators are using them for.


Research and development of the 3D ninety nozzle

Harry Fordham speaks to Alan Cochran, Formulation Application Specialist at the Jealott’s Hills International Research Centre. Alan discusses the testing the nozzle has gone through in the lab to find the optimised angle for product deposition.



How are 3D ninety nozzles made?

Harry Fordham speaks to Roger James, 3D Ninety Product Manager at Hypro-Pentair.

Roger talks through the process of manufacturing the nozzle and shares the unique components of the final design.



What are the benefits of the 3D ninety nozzle?

Nick Light, Sprayer Operator at E.J. Barker & Sons in Suffolk talks about his experiences with using the 3D ninety nozzle for pre-emergence applications.