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Available now: the new 3D ninety nozzle

To order, call Syngenta Publications on 0800 652 4215.

Current available sizes: 05, 06, 08

We are offering an introductory half price offer on your first 120 nozzles. For full details of offer click below

Introducing the 3D ninety nozzle

Harry Fordham, New Farming Technologies lead at Syngenta explains the journey that lead to the creation of the 3D ninety nozzle.

Learn about the research and development behind the nozzle, how they are manufactured and what sprayer operators are using them for.

3D ninety boom

Download output charts

Download information on the flow rates for each size of the 3D ninety nozzle.

Key features

90% drift reduction
4 star LERAP rated
PWM compatible
55° optimised spray angle
Snaplock cap