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SY Insitor ears


SY INSITOR is a very high yielding, barn-filling hard feed variety.



GLEAM is a very adaptable and consistent high yielding, hard feed wheat.

Graham wheat and sky


GRAHAM is the secure, low risk variety for England.

Shabras ready for harvest


SHABRAS is a vigorous variety which performs very well on light lands.

SY Cheer Plot


Potential highest quality breadmaking variety


Rust Locator Tool

Our interactive rust tracker is back
featuring both Yellow rust and Brown rust
this year!


Meet the breeders

We have been breeding your varieties for over 35 years, bringing better wheat varieties to growers faster, with double haploid breeding.



Conventional wheats - Duncan Warner

“I have worked with Syngenta for 10 years and I’m focused on breeding the next generation of winter wheat. Challenges of wheat breeding include keeping up with nature, environments and the ever-changing disease landscape but that’s what makes every day different!”

Duncan Warner, Germplasm Development Scientist Wheat Oceanic

Hybrid wheats - Olga Zhadenova

"I have been with Syngenta for 11 years now, starting as Hybrid Wheat Breeder Assistant in Saint-Sauveur (Toulouse, France). In 2016 I was relocated to the UK as a Hybrid Wheat Junior Breeder. Since 2020 I have been a Hybrid Wheat Breeder. I hold 2 master degrees in Plant Breeding and Agriculture. I am a Russian native, with British citizenship.

I am very proud to breed Hybrid Wheat, because it provides a step-change in yield, delivers yield stability in conditions of abiotic stress and potentially helps mitigate climate change by being more effective at utilising nitrogen fertiliser. 

I really enjoy the opportunities to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges that developing Hybrid Wheat represents."

Olga Zhadenova, Germplasm Development Scientist Wheat Oceanic.

Hybrid wheats - Olga Zhadenova


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