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Winter Wheat

Syngenta have a strong, high yielding winter wheat portfolio with lots to offer growers. Graham has proved incredibly popular as a secure, low risk option for the feed wheat market.  Gleam is an outstanding variety in terms of yield, disease resistance and agronomics whilst offering great fexibility. Shabras is a high yielding hard feed wheat variety which yields exceptionally well in mary areas such as light land, second wheat and in black grass situations.To add to our current portfolio, SY Insitor is a recently Recommended variety with huge yield potential.. Find out more information on each of the varieties below. 

AHDB Recommended


SY INSITOR is new to the Recommended List 2020/21 and is a top barn-filling variety...

Gleam winter wheat
AHDB Recommended


GLEAM is a very high yielding, hard feed winter wheat variety that is newly...

Graham winter wheat
AHDB Recommended


GRAHAM has a very strong overall disease profile which makes him the perfect variety...

Shabras winter wheat
AHDB Recommended


SHABRAS is a hard group 4 feed wheat with very high yields, excellent Yellow Rust...

Gallant winter wheat


GALLANT is a Group 1 milling wheat still in demand for its strong gluten quality and...

Reflection winter wheat


REFLECTION is a short, stiff strawed variety with huge yield potential.

FAQs for late drilled wheat

Agronomy Issues

Syngenta addresses the current frequently asked questions on late drilled winter wheat.

‘Wide window wheats’ offer response to latest agronomic threats

Agronomy Issues

Choosing winter wheat varieties with wide drilling windows will become a key starting point to reduce heightened risks from barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) and Septoria tritici...

SY INSITOR Technical Update

Product Update

SY INSITOR is a high yielding hard group 4 feed wheat candidate, that has performed consistently over years, regions and rotational positions.

Meet the breeders

We have been breeding your varieties for over 35 years, bringing better wheat varieties to growers faster, with double haploid breeding.

Hybrid wheats - David Feuerhelm

“I have worked for Syngenta for just over 10 years and enjoy spending time in the field in the breeding material trying to find the plant that will eventually become a variety of the future. Putting everything that the farmer needs in a single wheat variety is still the biggest challenge for a wheat breeder: yield, grain quality and agronomic characteristics are all a key focus for assessing lines."

David Feuerhelm
Duncan Warner

Conventional wheats - Duncan Warner

“I have worked with Syngenta for 10 years and I’m focused on breeding the next generation of winter wheat. Challenges of wheat breeding include keeping up with nature, environments and the ever-changing disease landscape but that’s what makes every day different!”