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Celebrating Harvest Heroes


Harvest, the pinnacle of farming, year on year underlines the hard work and dedication that growers and agronomists display in their role to help provide food for the nation....

The 'Vibrance Effect' strikes again on Agrii iFarm

Product Update

Gordon Rennie, host of the Agrii iFarm cereal and oil seed trials shared with us the effects he’d seen from Vibrance Duo on his wheat plots, and how this boosted the crop’s...

Demo days

Events 2020

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Crop Support cereals

Agronomy tools

Register for pest and disease alert services, including BlightCast and BruchidCast

COVID-19 Update

Syngenta provides an update on the current measures to manage the impacts of COVID-19.

Summer & Autumn Guide 2020

Our guide is packed full of information to help you make practical on-farm decisions as we move towards the autumn.