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Map My Yield pictures variety performance

Product Update

Report your harvest results to help build a picture of regional variety performance, and the chance to win a cool box packed with celebratory goodies.

Blight options to break EU-37 resistance

Product Update

Implementing blight fungicide resistance management measures now could help ensure effective fluazinam tuber blight control at the season end, growers advised.

Harvest yield map

Harvest yield map

Share your harvest results and win a cool box with goodies

Crop Support cereals

Agronomy tools

Register for pest and disease alert services, including BlightCast and BruchidCast

Go low Go slow Get covered

Pre-em on target

Go low, Go slow, Get covered - optimum pre-em application advice

Vibrance Duo
New product

Vibrance Duo

SDHI cereal seed treatment with RootingPower™