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Cool way to grow oil

Product Update

Following this season's late start to oilseed rape flowering, protecting green leaves will be even more important to ensure sufficient energy capture to fill seeds

Spring 2018 – T0 or no T0?


T0 or no T0 – it’s an obvious question to ask given recent cold snaps, and we have received a number of enquiries on the topic.

Syngenta events

Come and meet us

We're hosting a series of events from breakfast meetings to in field updates

Crop Support cereals

Agronomy tools

Register for pest and disease alert services, including BlightCast and BruchidCast

Go low Go slow Get covered

Pre-em on target

Go low, Go slow, Get covered - optimum pre-em application advice

Vibrance Duo
New product

Vibrance Duo

SDHI cereal seed treatment with RootingPower™