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Successful grass weed management

Successful arable grass weed management relies on developing a strategic integrated pest management (IPM) approach that combines a long-term view and proactive tactical control. Syngenta grass weed research has provided innovative and practical integrated control solutions to manage ryegrass, black-grass and wild oat populations at economically and sustainable levels. Select each grass weed below to find out how you could incorporate various techniques to control grass weeds on your farm.

Ryegrass in wheat


Ryegrass has become a very significant issue on some farms. Findings from our ryegrass innovation centre are helping UK growers to find ways to maximise ryegrass control.


Black Grass

Black grass has arguably been the most significant and problematic arable grass weed for many years. A few weeds one year can become a significant weed burden over a short time frame.

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Wild Oats

Understanding which of the two species of wild oats you’re dealing with on farm is crucial to planning your control strategy.


Beat grass weeds with Hyvido!

Hybrid barley grass weed suppression is a significant benefit on farm. Syngenta trials have demonstrated the enhanced competitive ability of hybrid varieties against black-grass, ryegrass and brome.

A total approach to grass weed control

An integrated approach to grass weed control is critical, whether you’re faced with ryegrass resistance, black-grass or wild oat populations. An integrated approach should consider cultural control options, herbicide strategy and application technique.

A total approach to grass weed control

Beat grass weed's with Hyvido!

Hybrid barley grass weed suppression is a significant benefit on farm.