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Syngenta Malting Barley Excellence

Syngenta have been breeding malting barley for over 35 years. In that time we have shown we have the expertise to deliver class-leading varieties for you to grow for the brewing and distilling industry.

Over the last 15 years, our malting barleys have...

accounted for more than 650,000 tonnes of certified seed sales

...and produced over 1.6 billion pints of beer.

Which would you choose?


Winter Varieties for Brewing use

Spring Varieties for Brewing use


Spring varieties for Malt Distilling use

Spring varieties for Grain Distilling use

What’s it for?




White spirits

Main Geographic region

East, South West, Northern England and Borders

UK (mainly England)

Northern England and Scotland


What do end markets need?

1.66-1.85% N

1.6-1.75% N

(up to 1.85% N for export)

Below 1.65% N


Above 1.85% N


How to achieve this?

2 splits

2 splits

Lower total N, 1 to 2 splits

High total N, later applications

Syngenta Varieties

SY Venture (F)

Flagon (F)

Craft (F)

Electrum (P)

Propino (F)

Laureate (F)

Laureate (F)

Fairing (F)

 Winter brewingSpring brewingSpring malt distillingSpring grain distilling


The table is for guidance purposes, contracts will be available for specific varieties across the country and each contract will vary as to its final quality specification.  This table gives an outline based on purchases by the MAGB

Market Stainton - Home of Barley Breeding since 1979

Market Stainton is a centre of excellence for Syngenta Malting Barley Breeding, located in Lincolnshire. It comprises of a small team of 21 focused and dedicated people, who work closely together using all resources and new technology to produce our best varieties consistently. Market Stainton boasts: year round crossing and development of new varieties, 100 hectares of variety field screening, production of pure seed for registration plus state of the art micromalting laboratory, 6000 quality observations and 2000 micromalt tests per year...

Market Stainton breeding