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FSOOTY has proven to be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience for all who participate, Syngenta Application Specialist, Scott Cockburn highlights:

"Everyone who enters has the same application challenges and frustrations, so there’s a huge amount to gain from sharing the solutions. One thing that’s repeated every year is that entrants find they learn something new from other operators and can improve the way they work."

Building on the success of previous years, FSOOTY celebrates excellence in sprayer operation while fostering a sense of camaraderie among operators.

The competition not only recognises outstanding practice but also offers a unique platform for operators to share experiences and enhance their learning.

2023 Finalists

Chris Hosking

Varfell Farms, Penzance, Cornwall

Cropping: Daffodils, agapanthus, barley, tender stem broccoli

Machine: JCB Fastrac 4220 with Landquip demount and front tank

Top Tips:

  • Syngenta Cropwise Operations and Telematics Apps are used to check field names and locations as well as map the different varieties being grown in one.
  • Despite running a paperless spray recs and recording, a notebook provides useful backup and extra information. He uses this create a list of the most efficient way to work the day as well as noting spray rates, products, washouts he can use to quickly cross reference.

Click here to read about his full sprayer set up on Ei Operator 

Mark Jelley

Brixworth Farming Ltd, Northampton

Cropping: Spring oats and barley, winter wheat and beans, canary seed, oilseed rape.

Machine: Chafer Interceptor, 5,000-litre, 36m booms, PWM, Norac 5

Top Tips:

  • Enter FSOOTY. It’s a good way to measure and further your knowledge.
  • Keep learning. We run two sprayers so map fields showing which way to spray the headlands, any hazards and where to start your up and down runs.
  • Carry a selection of spare parts with you, O-rings, nozzles and spare filters. Being self sufficient is a good way to work.

Click here to read more about his sprayer set up on Ei Operator

Peter Dennis

Sternberg Farms, Tenterden, Kent

Cropping: Winter and spring wheat, barley, linseed

Machine: John Deere R962i, 36m booms with 3m sections

Top Tips:

  • Mudguards prevent the tractor wheels throwing mud over the front of the sprayer and help to maintain a consistent spray pattern.
  • An additional camera helps reversing the trailed machine into corners.
  • Regularly rotate nozzles from the centre section, to check they are not blocked.

Click here to read more about his sprayer set up on Ei Operator

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