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Get the most from your spray

Syngenta is committed to research into the latest application techniques in order to provide valuable advice to help you get the best out from our products.

Select your crop below for tailored application advice and nozzle recommendations.

Cereals application


Cereals present a tall, thin target. Syngenta cereal fungicides are robust and work well when applied as coarse sprays and at reduced volumes. Patchy weed control most usually comes from patchy application, due to the wrong choice of nozzle and drift.

OSR application

Oilseed Rape

For grassweed control in oilseed rape, operators face the extra problem of crop shading emerging target seedlings - the best rates of control are achieved by early applications at the one to two leaf stage.

Potatoes application


Broad-leaved crops present a completely different target to cereals, with horizontal leaves interlocking into a closed canopy.

Maize spraying


Raising the boom height further does little to alleviate problems with coverage but increase the potential for herbicide drift.

Vegetables application


Recommendations vary depending on the size of the crop at the time of application.