Control weeds early this season to avoid yield loss

Avoid loss: go early

All weeds should be removed at the earliest opportunity, ideally before they reach 10 cm high and before the crop is at the 4 leaf stage. Prioritise fields with the highest weed population densities, difficult to control weeds and any slow growing crops first.

Based on numerous trials the latest stage of weed removal without yield damage should be no later than 4 leaf stage of the maize crop.

Maize Weed Chart Screenshot

Maize Weed Chart

Find the best tank mix to tackle your weed situation

Maize sprayer

Application advice

Maize weed control demands a long window of herbicide application and frequently variable target size of weeds within the crop. The 3D nozzle has proven highly effective in delivering better results from both pre- and post-emergence applications. The nozzles offer many benefits, including increased weed control, faster work rates and reduced drift.