Superpower + Stamina = Certainty

The exceptional performance of MIRAVIS® on key wheat and barley diseases [SUPERPOWER], combined with its ability to keep leaves greener for longer [STAMINA] result in CERTAINTY…

CERTAINTY that diseases are being controlled and that yield and quality are being protected.

CERTAINTY in the field: greener and cleaner for longer

Drone imagery clearly shows the extra green leaf retention from MIRAVIS® treatments in a replicated ADAS trial.

Variety: KWS Barrel, ADAS Rosemaund, July 2019. Imagery courtesy of Jonathan Blake

CERTAINTY in the field: YIELD

It could be said that the definitive measure of a fungicide's effectiveness is its impact on crop yield. In individual trials and averaged across a large number of sites, MIRAVIS® has repeatedly set a new standard, even against more recent product introductions.

CERTAIN of more

There’s more to MIRAVIS® certainty than exceptional disease control and yield. 

When you choose MIRAVIS® you can be certain of the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have chosen a fungicide developed, tested and trialled by one of the world’s leading agricultural companies. Certain that it has been designed and formulated for maximum effectiveness.

Crop surfaces differ wildly. Syngenta utilises formulation technology to ensure that the product reaches its intended target crop, leading to optimal retention and efficacy.

And we use various techniques to confirm our technology is optimally retained on the target surface. 

We use formulation properties like dynamic surface tension and contact angle to tailor our products, so they are optimised with the target crop in mind.

A droplet with lower dynamic surface tension will retain better on impact with the leaf. Droplets with lower contact angle will wet and spread more readily on the leaf surface.

Apply with confidence and certainty

Syngenta is committed to research into the latest application techniques in order to provide valuable advice to help you get the best out of our products.

Accurate application plays a huge role in getting the right product to the right place at the right time. This gives a better return on investment, increased yield, and improved resistance management. It also delivers significant sustainability by preventing drift and reducing waste.

Miravis® Plus

  • Recommended timings
    • Wheat: T2
    • Barley: T2
  • T2 (and T1) application: AMISTAR® Nozzle
    • Air induction droplet formation and offers a LERAP rating
  • Apply at water volume of at least 100 l/ha
  • Forward speed no greater than 12 Kph
  • Boom height at 50 cm above the target
    • At T2 the target is the flag leaf

Products are stable under a range of temperatures and conditions

We store our formulated products under a range of extreme conditions – and confirm that its physical and chemical properties are not impacted. This gives you confidence that over the seasons and across the shelf life of the product, you will get the same excellent experience.

Growers have flexibility in choosing tank mix partners

We validate the compatibility of our products with physical recommended tank mixes so that you can be sure there are no unwanted effects in your tank. Syngenta’s optimised formulations are compatible with popular mixing partners.


Jason Tatnell
Jonathan Blake
Adam Christie

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