Protecting your wheat and barley crops for longer

Healthy, green cereal leaves are vital for photosynthesis, driving growth and grain fill. Prolonging leaf health boosts yield potential by maximising the plant's energy production. Protecting leaves from disease and stress is key to achieving optimal crop performance and profitability.

MIRAVIS® is independently proven to keep on protecting your cereal crops long after alternatives have run out of steam, keeping your crops greener and cleaner for longer to drive yield. 


Uptake and movement

Protects the leaf from the base to the tip


Low metabolism

A highly stable active that is slow to breakdown to diseases 


Green leaf area and yield

Protecting leaves for longer to drive yield 

The 1, 2, 3 of MIRAVIS® whole leaf protection

A fungicide needs to protect the leaf from the base to the tip. When MIRAVIS® is sprayed onto the leaf, it starts to move through the whole leaf. However, it does not drain quickly to the leaf tip. This means that the yield-building leaves are protected from disease for longer; keeper them greener and driving yield. 

Impressive stability

When tested in a laboratory environment, MIRAVIS® showed impressive stability when exposed to diseases like Septoria. Applied in a liquid consisting of living Septoria cells, MIRAVIS® showed significantly lower metabolism, meaning that the disease is not able to break down the MIRAVIS® to the same extent as other actives. 

“The efficacy of fungicides in the field arises from a combination of regulatory, physical, chemical, application, genetic and environmental factors. Within biokinetics we have investigated all aspects of the movement of ADEPIDYN® technology from the moment it lands on the leaf surface until the moment it reaches its target site within the fungal cell. Our results reveal an ideal combination of uptake, movement, persistence and potency that help explain its superpower and stamina in the field.”

Dave Stafford, Principal scientist, biokinetics, Syngenta

A reservoir of ADEPIDYN® technology is formed within the waxy leaf layers

ADEPIDYN® technology moves from the point of application to establish a stable reservoir in the leaf wax. From here ADEPIDYN® technology is metered into the leaf tissue over an extended period delivering very long-lasting disease control.

Long lasting disease control = STAMINA

ADEPIDYN® technology is highly stable in actively growing Septoria tritici, leading to long-lasting disease control. Other SDHIs are broken down more quickly and are therefore only able to act against the disease for a shorter period.

Jason Tatnell
Jonathan Blake
Adam Christie

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