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  • Effective Establishment of Spring Barley

    Agronomy Issues

    Drill timings and seed bed preparation for spring barley are key in achieving good crop establishment. Early drilled crops will have the highest yield potential but are likely t...

  • BYDV Risk in Spring Cereals

    Agronomy Issues

    Early sown crops that missed a foliar spray will be at higher risk of BYDV. This season is at risk of having susceptible crops as levels of aphid pressure grow.

  • Wet and windy woes for wheat standing

    Agronomy Issues

    Periods of extreme wet and windy conditions are set to become more the norm with changing weather trends. That poses extra challenges to keep wheat standing through to harvest....

  • Clean break crop success

    Agronomy Issues

    In the search for viable spring crop options this season, growers report spring oilseed rape can work. But the crop demands very close attention to agronomy, and controlling gro...

  • Open eyes to Maxim seed treatment

    Agronomy Issues

    Potato growers and agronomists will be looking for new seed treatments this season. Successive years of experience with Maxim indicates the potential to open more eyes per tuber...


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