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  • Late drilling? Enter Shabras

    Product Update

    Later drilling has become more popular in recent years due to increased black-grass pressure. With a warmer than average autumn forecast, winter wheat drilling could be pushed b...

  • Time for pre-em applications

    Agronomy Issues

    Results of Syngenta grass weed specialists' trials have shown the benefit of pre-emergence applications for post-em programmes, across a range of crop establishment techniq...

  • Quicker way to tackle grass weeds

    Product Update

    New easy to use Axial Pro offers the chance to tackle grass weeds including rye-grass and wild oats quickly and effectively

  • Sow the seeds for pollinator attraction


    Now is the ideal time to get annual wildflower seed mixtures in the ground this autumn, advises Syngenta Sustainable Farming Manager, Belinda Bailey.

  • Better start for beet roots

    Product Update

    Vibrance SB seed treatment protection from soil-borne pathogens that cause damping off losses can ensure more consistent plant stands and faster establishment with stronger root...

  • Video tips for sprayer boom stability


    Watch this brilliant video to find out more about the importance of boom stability and tyre pressure for accurate spraying - and Top Tips on how to achieve it

  • Date check for potato harvest interval

    Agronomy Issues

    Potato growers are being advised to use the new on-line Nemathorin Harvest Interval Calculator to check their dates for interval from application to desiccation or green top lif...


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