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Early season weed control

Don't let weeds stifle your yield

Why control weeds early?

Early season weed control is essential for successful maize crop establishment. Weed competition for light, moisture and nutrients can seriously rob the crop’s yield potential from early days.
When is the point of no return?

Weeds left in the crop for longer than 10 days after crop emergence will begin to reduce yields. More yield will be lost for each day that the weeds remain.

Maize herbicide selector

1. Assess the weed species threat, based on field experience and season
2. Use pre-emergence DUAL GOLD for a weed free start for the maize and add flexibility for post-emergence applications
3. Select the most appropriate herbicide or bespoke tank mix to tackle your full weed spectrum AND residual activity required to prevent competition through important crop establishment

Weed identification

Speedwell common field maize weed
Sow thistle maize weed
Redshank maize weed
Small nettle maize weed
Fat hen maize weed
Mayweed maize weed
Groundsel maize weed
Knotgrass maize weed
Black nightshade maize weed
Bindweed maize weed
Cleaver maize weed
Orache maize weed
Cranesbill maize weed