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Our Black-grass Focus Week 2016 seeks to share the secrets of the success of some of the growers who have got the problem in check. It also looks at some of the latest science and agronomy that is bringing new control techniques to the fore.

Managing black-grass

Black-grass is getting tougher to control and farmers need to utilise all tools available to keep on top of the problem. The yield penalty of a black-grass population exceeding 200 seedlings per square metre can be as much as 40%.

A minimum of 97% control of black-grass is required each season to avoid returning seed back to the soil and making the problem worse. Using a range of cultural and chemical methods and correct application is essential for achieving this target.

Cultural black-grass control


How hybrid barley's vigorous spring growth, large root mass and dense crop canopy...

Chemical black-grass control


Discover the best combination of black-grass chemicals this season for control and...

Black-grass application


Optimising pre-emergence herbicides - recommendations from our application experts,...

Test your knowledge - Coming soon!

Test your knowledge in our online Black-grass Knowledge Zone, including questions on cultural, chemical and application methods of control