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What are biologicals?

Biologicals are products of natural origin that contribute to the health of plants and help them cope with stresses such as heat and drought.

Biologicals provide new innovative and complementary solutions that can help manage resistance, protect soil health and promote plant growth effectively and sustainably.  In order to meet the future challenges of food production efficiently, growers need more sustainable solutions and this is where biologicals and biostimulants could help.

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Can help crops resist plant diseases and pests or withstand weed competition. The products are based on naturally occurring materials and are used for biotic stress management. They may have a direct or indirect control effect, i.e. they can stimulate the plants' own defence system.

Example: A biocontrol can help protect a crop against fungal or bacterial diseases.


Used to treat seeds, soil or plants to stimulate their natural processes.  Biostimulants can increase the normal growth capacity of plants, but do not have a direct effect on plant diseases, pests, etc.

Example: A biostimulant is used to increase crop nutrient uptake, promote crop quality, or strengthen existing defence mechanisms against abiotic stress.

Sustainable solutions

Biologicals are already used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. They can form one part of a solution for farmers that offers new opportunities to prevent the development of resistance, improve soil health and reduce residues.

Example: When a biological is used with a plant protection product, the biological helps to prevent the development of resistance. Biostimulants help to improve crop health and tolerance to abiotic factors such as heat and drought stress. It can help the crop cope with changing weather...