What is a biological?

A Biological is an ancient solution applied with modern technology to help manage your crops naturally, effectively, and sustainably.

The term biological applies to a wide range of products, with different benefits, but all are natural compounds or bacteria that enhance or supplement your crop management.

Read on to learn how biologicals can help you reach new levels of sustainable control

Syngenta Biologicals

Syngenta Biologicals is poised to shape the rapidly growing biologicals market. With over 40 years of experience, our legacy company, Valagro, offers farmers a comprehensive crop portfolio in biologicals, with a market-leading position in biostimulants, backed by best-in-class R&D capabilities.

At the heart of it all is our people, working towards the purpose of helping farmers improve productivity, while creating a sustainable future for people and nature.

We are deeply committed to driving innovation that meets the needs of farmers everywhere, while helping to protect our climate, through our own best-in-class R&D, and through being the collaborator of choice
Corey Huck, Head Global Biologicals

Biologicals can be applied to plants, seeds or the root environment to stimulate their natural processes.

Crop stress solutions help the plant cope with abiotic stresses such as heat and drought, by strengthening the crop’s existing defence mechanisms

Nitrogen use efficiency solutions help the crop to optimise Fixate nitrogen from the atmosphere

Abiotic Stress

Abiotic stress is the negative effect on a plant caused by non-living factors such as heat, drought and cold. Biologicals can help to manage and reduce the effect of these stresses

Discover how biologicals can help you manage the crop stress before it manifests.

Nutrient use efficiency

Nitrogen is essential for all crops to grow and produce yield, but there are many situations where it is not possible to meet the nitrogen demand of the plant. Synthetic nitrogen fertilisers have the potential to leach or volatilise, whereas biologicals don’t.

Biologicals like Vixeran and Nuello iN provide a natural source of nitrogen to the crop on demand.

Innovation powered by nature

Securing better food for the future

Nature's Building Blocks

Q&A Biologicals

Why we exist

To stand by farmers and help them face the global food challenge, making farming more profitable and sustainable. We create innovative solutions aimed at nurturing plant and soil health while securing productivity, in order to preserve and improve our world for future generations.

What we do

Use our expertise to research nature, studying its patterns, designs and blueprints. With that knowledge, we develop products that stimulate the natural processes that benefit plant and soil health while helping them face adverse factors and conditions.

Who we are

Innovators powered by nature, trusted advisors for farmers, partners of choice, paving the way for balanced and regenerative ways of farming by leveraging our deep understanding of science and nature.

How we produce food has to evolve.

By 2050, farmers will need to grow 50% more crops in a sustainable way, to ensure enough safe and affordable food for everyone.

Extreme conditions need a new approach

Climate change is increasing stress conditions in crops.

New challenges require new solutions to prevent yield loss. Using the plant’s natural processes to improve tolerance to abiotic stress ensures greater yield stability.

To address the gap between what the crop gets and what the crop needs

Nitrogen is essential to all crops to grow and produce yield, but there are many situations where crops cannot take up enough nitrogen as it is lost through volatilsation or leaching.

Giving farmers greater choice

Today’s farmers need more sustainable ways of growing their crops that respond to consumers’ demands about the food we eat.

Syngenta Biologicals bring science-based innovation to give more choices and flexibility to farmers.