Laureate spring barley

Variety Overview

End-use group: Full MBC Approval for Brewing and Malt Distilling

Market options: MBC Approval for Brewing and Malt Distilling. Contracts available across England and Scotland. 

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions

Soil preference: Suitable for all soil types

Agronomics: Strong disease profile

Parentage: Sanette x Concerto 

Key features: LAUREATE is a high yielding spring barley with full approval for brewing and malt distilling. This non-GN variety was the most widely grown spring malting barley in Scotland and England for harvest 2023. It is the most purchased variety by maltsters with strong contracts available throughout the UK.

Key Performance Statistics

We've compared a few varieties on the AHDB Recommended List 2024 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in. Download the variety sheet for some more in depth information you can carry with you everywhere.

Agronomic features


Resistance to lodging


Straw height without PGR


(days +/- RGT Planet, -ve = earlier)

Resistance to brackling


RGT Planet 77508
LG Diablo773+38


 Untreated Yield*Treated Yield*Eastern Yield*Western Yield*Northern Yield*
RGT Planet8796.6979697
LG Diablo8899.19998100

* % treated control

Grain quality


Specific Weight



(% through 2.25mm)


(% through 2.5mm) 

Nitrogen Content (%)Hot Water Extract (l deg/kg)Predicted Spirit Yield (laa/t)
RGT Planet68.[434.0]
LG Diablo67.

Disease profile




Brown rust




RGT Planet846
LG Diablo856

Breeding Insight

LAUREATE is the leading spring barley variety in the UK. It has full MBC Approval for both Brewing and Malt Distilling. It is the mainstay of both the malt distilling and brewing industries. LAUREATE has shown outstanding consistency over very different growing seasons and has consistently performed for both growers and end-users. Kathryn Hamlen

The story of LAUREATE

Have you ever wondered how the varieties in your field end up in your whisky or beer? Watch this video to see how the variety LAUREATE was bred and how it finds its way to a drink near you!

Agronomy Insights

Laureate has consistent regional yields

Relatively short variety with good resistance to lodging and brackling

An appropriate PGR programme should be applied in higher risk scenarios such as high seed rates in late drilled situations

Moderate maturity, earlier than LG Diablo

Excellent combination of robust disease resistance against all major foliar diseases and high untreated yield making LAUREATE an easy to manage variety

Source: AHDB RL 2021

LAUREATE for Brewing and Malt Distilling

LAUREATE can be grown for both brewing and malt distilling, but these two markets require a different % grain N in order to make either beer or whisky.

It is important to know which market your grain is going to, so you can tailor your nitrogen inputs and achieve the right specification for the market you are growing for.

Rhynchosporium on Barley


Tailor your fungicide programme to your variety

Barley trial showing different crop heights


Growth regulation advice for your Barley


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Orange Blossom Midge on Barley


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