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Laureate spring barley

LAUREATE is the highest yielding spring barley with full approval for brewing and malt distilling. This non-GN variety was the most widely grown spring malting barley in Scotland for harvest 2019 and will be a major variety for Spring 2020 in England. 

Variety summary

End-use group: Full MBC Approval for Brewing and Distilling

Market options: MBC Approval for Brewing and Distilling. Contracts available across England and Scotland. 

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions

Soil preference: Suitable for all soil types

Agronomics: Strong disease profile

Parentage: Sanette x Concerto 

Breeding insights

"Laureate has strong support from end-users with multiple contracts available for brewing and distilling. It is the highest yielding Fully Approved non-gn variety on the Recommended List"
-Tracy Creasy

Tracy Creasy

The story of Laureate

Have you ever wondered how the varieties in your field end up in your whisky or beer? Watch this video to see how the variety Laureate was bred and how it finds its way to a drink near you!

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