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Protect your vegetable crop against pests, weeds and disease

Carrot pests and diseases

New viruses threaten carrot crops

Well established viruses affecting carrot crops are: Carrot Motley Dwarf (CMD) complex and Parsnip Yellow Fleck Virus (PYFV). Recent discoveries include: Carrot Yellow Leaf Virus (CYLV) and Carrot Torrado Virus (CaTV). Foliar symptoms are similar for many of the carrot viruses and can cause seedling death and severe plant stunting when crops are at an early stage. Typically leaves become yellow and reddish in colour. The main vector responsible for the transmission of these viruses is the Willow-Carrot aphid. Other possible vectors may...

Aphid in carrot
Carrot fly trap

Monitoring crops for pests

Monitor crops closely when Rothamsted suction trap data indicates emergence of target aphids, using yellow water traps. Use in-field sticky traps to help monitor carrot fly activity and pest pressure.

Onion diseases

Stay alert for downy mildew

Downy mildew can be a devastating disease in the absence of a robust fungicide programme. Early, forward crops and warm weather conditions are conducive for downy mildew development. Start fungicides early – when crops reach 4 to 5 leaves. Use crop growth stage rather than date for starting applications. Keep intervals tight, 7 days is ideal for protecting new growth. Including a range of active ingredients with different modes of action ensures cleaner crops.

Downy mildew in onions

Protecting against pests in establishing brassicas and leafy salads

Phyto-Drip technology

  • Phyto-Drip technology is an exciting development for the precision application of CRUISER 70WS to the seed during the sowing process. The fully automated system, developed by Syngenta and Van Der Ende in Holland, delivers an extremely accurate dose with a single droplet of CRUISER 70WS onto a pre-seeded cell block.
  • With treatment at the time of sowing, Phyto-Drip technology has the flexibility to add other approved treatments or nutrients at the time of application, according to growers’ needs or field conditions.
  • Phyto-Drip technology is applied in the glasshouse in a fully controlled situation, with no environmental exposure in the field.

How does Phyto-Drip technology work?

Phyto-Drip technology