Hybrid Barley

Hybrid Barley

Hybrid barley brings more than just high yields

Hybrid barley has become a popular choice with UK growers for delivering high yields of good quality feed barley. Hybrid barley also brings added benefits over just high yield, making it a valuable crop option on-farm. Our product portfolio ranges from top yielding varieties to exciting new varieties.



The high-performing all-rounder.



Strong grass weed suppression and wet weather disease resistance.


The variety with consistently high regional yields.


High yielding, resilient, and easy to manage.



A strong performer for the North, West, and on light land.


A high performance hybrid, combing yield, quality and disease resistance.


Great choice for the North with exceptional Rhynchosporium resistance.



High specific weight with outstanding Rhynchosporium resistance



Hybrid barley, now with BYDV tolerance

Tackle on-farm challenges with added value from hybrid barley

  • Grass weed suppression

Grass weed suppression is an added strength of hybrid barley. Trials have shown it can add £50/ha in recovered yield (0.165 t/ha). Hybrid barley should be an integral part of your grass weed management strategy on-farm.

  • Management flexibility

Hybrid barley varieties also offer management flexibility. For example, early ripening provides an opportunity to spread workload at harvest, avoid overlap with the wheat harvest and drill following crops of winter oilseed rape. Likewise, the robust disease resistance profile of some varieties provides greater flexibility for fungicide application timings.

  • Extra income from straw

Barley straw is valued more highly than wheat straw. The straw from hybrid barley crops offers a welcome extra income.

  • Nitrogen use efficiency

Syngenta and ADAS have shown hybrid barley can utilise nitrogen more efficiently within the plant than competitor conventional varieties. This means that hybrid barley converts nitrogen into yield more efficiently.

With all this in mind, many growers choose to grow hybrid barley as a great alternative to second wheats.


Meet the breeder - Joe Smith


After three seasons as a harvest student, I joined Syngenta over 14 years ago in the trialling team at Market Stainton, Lincolnshire. After a few years I moved into the breeding team and I am now the Hybrid barley breeder for UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, North France, and North Germany.

My passion has always been the plants, whether that be in the polytunnel or the field. The best part of my job is the time spent in the field with the crop, from sowing to harvest and back again.


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