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Oilseed Rape

Make the unpredictable predictable

Managing crop architecture and lodging risk

Crop architecture is the foundation for higher yields

  • Shorter crop -> reduced lodging and less shading
  • Greater branching -> supports more pods
  • Shorter flowering period -> more light reaches the leaf

Shorter plants and greater branching with TOPREX sets oilseed rape plants up to capture more sunlight. More even crops flower over a shorter period, with less light reflecting from the yellow petals and more light reaching the green leaf.

TOPREX treated plants stand better through to harvest -> Faster combining; Reduced pod shatter; Less disease; Lower drying costs.

Managing OSR disease

Sclerotinia risk

According to the AHDB, Sclerotinia infection risk is currently low, with crops mostly at early flower bud, and cool soil temperatures at most locations. However, crop stage and weather need to be monitored as the risk may change soon. The main flush of sclerotial germination is usually when soil temperatures reach approximately 8-10 degrees Celsius just below the surface, and also if the soil surface remains damp. A very few sclerotinia spores have already been detected in a Devon spore trap in early March, so germination has already occurred, but at low levels.

Keep your crop clean and green

Although it cannot be ignored, nationally Sclerotinia has only hit at damaging levels twice in the last ten years. In order to ensure a positive return on investment, it's crucial to select a flowering spray that will enhance greening and oil content.

No matter what this spring brings for disease pressure, the green leaf enhancement of AMISTAR is proven to give a positive return on your investment.

Year on year, margin returns from AMISTAR outperform other market standard fungicides.

Sclerotinia OSR
AMISTAR formulation leaf cross-section

Formulation is critical to deliver the active to the right place

OSR leaves are waxy; water just drips off. In order to maximise efficacy, the active ingredient must reach the right lace in the plant - so good formulation is critical.

AMISTAR’s formulation is designed to penetrate waxy layers to reach green parts and therefore give greening benefits.