The new SUPERPOWER for wheat and barley disease control

MIRAVIS® Plus + Era® is a brilliant T2 combination giving excellent activity across Wheat and Barley diseases

Crop Target MIRAVIS® Plus + Era®
Wheat Fusarium head blight
Septoria tritici
Septoria nodorum
Tan Spot
Brown rust
Yellow rust

Control yellow rust earlier in the season using ELATUS® Era

Crop Target MIRAVIS® Plus + Era®
Barley Fusarium head blight
Net blotch
Rynchosporium secalis
Ramularia collo-cygni
Brown rust


MIRAVIS® Plus comes in a handy co-pack also containing the tried and tested triazole fungicide, prothioconazole (Era®), for a balanced two-pronged attack.

Application Window

Crop Application Window
WHEAT Winter and Spring GS30-69
BARLEY Winter and spring GS30-65
OATS Winter and spring GS55-65
RYE Winter and spring GS61-69
TRITICALE Winter and spring GS61-69

  • One application per crop
  • Maximum foliar rate 2.65 l/ha
  • Maximum 3.2 l/ha - only for T3 Fusarium control in cereals

Recommended rates

MIRAVIS® Plus + Era®
Winter Wheat MIRAVIS® Plus 1.5-2.0 l/ha
+ Era® 0.5-0.65 l/ha
Winter Barley MIRAVIS® Plus 1.33-1.5 l/ha
+ Era® 0.44-0.5 l/ha
Spring Wheat MIRAVIS® Plus 1.33-1.5 l/ha
+ Era® 0.44-0.5 l/ha
Spring Barley MIRAVIS® Plus 1.33 l/ha
+ Era® 0.44 l/ha

MIRAVIS® with ADEPIDYN® technology

Independently proven to provide superior control of key wheat and barley diseases year after year.

Experience the SUPERPOWER of MIRAVIS® on your farm.

MIRAVIS® Plus product information

Type of product Fungicide
Product reg nr MAPP No: 20847
Composition 62.5 g/l pydiflumetofen
Pack size 5 litres
Chemical family Phenyl-ethyl pyrazole carboxamides
Activity Group: Group C2 FRAC code 7
Formulation EC Emulsifiable concentrate

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MIRAVIS® offers powerful disease protection for longer

By applying it to your fields, you can help to ensure that your leaves will stay green for longer, meaning that you’ll get more from your crops throughout the season.

ADEPIDYN® technology

MIRAVIS® uses ADEPIDYN® technology, (the trademark for pydiflumetofen, a brand-new active ingredient from Syngenta). By applying Miravis® technology to your crops, you can help to secure higher and more profitable yields.

Effective, even during difficult weather conditions.
Long-lasting protection for your crops


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