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Maize Application

A maize crop provides a very open canopy to begin with allowing for great coverage using the 3D Nozzle at pre- and post-emergence. As the crop moves through the growth stages the canopy covers and the height differential between the target and the boom height increases. This increases the chance of herbicide been intercepted on route to the target.


TimingWater volume (l/ha)*Forward speedBest nozzleReduced drift option
Pre-em herbicides200 l/ha<12 km/h3D nozzlesTeejet TTI
Post-em herbicides100 and above<12 km/h3D nozzlesAMISTAR nozzles

*Please refer to the product label for water volumes.  Growers can reduce water volumes as long as they adhere to the HSE/DEFRA Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products. Please refer to paragraph 4.6.4, page 81 of the HSE/DEFRA Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products.

Angled nozzles improve coverage around clods

For optimum pre-emergence application, angled nozzles alternated forward and backward along the spray boom can help give better coverage of cloddy soils. It also helps to reduce risk of drift.

Pre-em maize herbicide application
Post-em maize application

Targeting weeds in the growing crop

As the maize crop increases in size, so does the amount of herbicide spray that it intercepts at the time of application - thus
significantly reducing the dose targeted weeds receive. Again, angled nozzles alternated forwards and backwards along the spray boom improve spray penetration of the canopy and target weeds more effectively.