A new SUPERPOWER for cereal disease control

To combat cereal diseases effectively, growers need a powerful fungicide. One that improves yields, maintains quality, and prevents disease spread. This protection is crucial for plant health and productivity to ensure a successful harvest.

The introduction of MIRAVIS® Plus to the UK cereal market provides farmers and agronomists with a game-changer in terms of wheat and barley disease control. MIRAVIS® incorporates ADEPIDYN® technology to deliver a step change in the control of Septoria as well as the key barley diseases of Ramularia, Rhynchosporium and net blotch. Fusarium produces mycotoxins which pose health risks to humans and/or animals after consumption of contaminated grain, MIRAVIS® contributes to reducing it. MIRAVIS® comes in a convenient co-pack with Era® (prothioconazole) which is also active against Fusarium, boosts rust control and contributes to Septoria resistance management - as well as being the perfect partner for use on barley crops.


Step change in potency

MIRAVIS® offers the strongest control of Septoria in wheat and the broadest spectrum disease control in barley


Active on more of the disease

Powerful on all stages of the disease lifecycle from spores to mycelium


Protects crops for longer

The curative effects from ADEPIDYN® also shows a clear benefit of protecting leaf 2 from a well-timed T2

Here’s why MIRAVIS® is MORE than powerful

MIRAVIS® offers a step change in potency compared to other cereal fungicides. In simple terms it is much MORE active on MORE of the pathogen for MORE of the time.

Step change in potency

In the laboratory, ADEPIDYN® technology in MIRAVIS® was found to be 100 times more potent against Septoria than first and second generation SDHIs tested (Petri dish bioassay, EU/UK field samples 2023).

These photos show the stand out performance of MIRAVIS® Plus + Era® on Septoria tritici in a trial in Yorkshire 2023.

SUPERPOWER across the disease cycle

Disease spores first land on the leaf and then produce germ tubes which develop into mycelia, infecting the plant and ultimately producing more spores. With Ramularia mycelial growth monitored in petri dishes it is clear that MIRAVIS® with ADEPIDYN® technology stops disease growth at lower concentrations than other fungicides.

Superior T2 protection

T2 is the most important spray timing in wheat for controlling disease on the top two leaves – which together contribute about 65% to yield. 

MIRAVIS® with ADEPIDYN® technology outclasses the competition! Providing for CERTAINTY disease control and protecting grain yield and quality.

In barley, MIRAVIS® controls all the key diseases, powering ahead of alternative chemistry: a SUPERPOWER for the control of Ramularia, Rhynchosporium, and net blotch.

“We have worked in the lab to understand the activity of ADEPIDYN® technology on the different lifecycle phases of many cereal diseases, from spore germination, through germ tube extension and on into full mycelial growth. I was repeatedly amazed at how active this compound is on many key diseases including Septoria, net blotch and Ramularia. It’s very nice to observe that this translates into such a powerful product in the field”

Stephane Bieri, Scientific disease control expert, Syngenta

The net blotch untreated infection cycle

ADEPIDYN® technology versus Bixafen: Day 7 of infection

At half of the label dose rate, a one day preventative application of ADEPIDYN® technology was markedly more active on net blotch than bixafen. This can be seen with both the naked eye and a scanning electron microscope.

Jason Tatnell
Jonathan Blake
Adam Christie

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