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Key learns from Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre

The ryegrass Innovation Centre at Doncaster is part of a network of trial sites across the country, providing practical solutions for farmers. The site is in its second year, and is starting to generate useful insights into the short- and long-term impact of cultural, chemical and application methods on grass weed control and yield.

Spring herbicide strategy

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Autumn herbicide strategy

Ryegrass herbicide strategy

Of all the potential active ingredients for pre-emergence control, DEFY® is showing that it is an essential pre-emergence herbicide partner product for both winter and spring cereal crops. Regardless of the weather extremes seen over the last 2 autumn seasons, increasing rates of Defy increases control. We saw that application timing didn’t have an effect on the high levels of efficacy achieved this season but with the unknown impact of seasonal variation our advice would always be to apply a pre-em herbicides on as early as possible.



DEFY contains prosulfocarb for the control of a range of broad leaved weeds and...

Competitive cropping

Competitive crops can out-compete ryegrass

At Doncaster, we have found that greater competition gives fewer grassweed tillers. Hybrid barley is showing consistently higher levels of competition and a lower number of ryegrass tillers than winter wheat or conventional barley. Hybrid barley is also demonstrating a reduced number of weed ears, due to a greater proportion of weed ears remaining below the crop canopy.

What next?


1. Consider crop competitiveness when choosing your crop.

2. Get your pre-emergence application on as quickly as possible.

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Pre-em application

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