Sustainability banner stewardship for farming and the environment

Syngenta Stewardship initiatives are designed to help growers balance the demand for safe and affordable food production, with their crucial role of looking after the land and its ecosystem. The practical environmental solutions can help to deliver Sustainable Intensive Agriculture. Find out more below about our stewardship trials and environmental seed mixes.

Soil and water

Protecting resources

New farming technologies and innovation can help protect soil, water and biodiversity

Annual wildflower mix

Environmental seed offers

Operation Pollinator supports growers to enhance biodiversity on their farms

Wildflower margin alongside wheat

Calculate your returns on Operation Pollinator areas

Arable growers can now quickly calculate the financial implications and potential gains from entering long-term environmental schemes for their individual farm.

The Syngenta Operation Pollinator Margin Calculator assesses the return on investment from adopting environmental scheme payments, against the net crop margin forsaken on the headlands planted with Operation Pollinator seed mixtures.

Andrew Barr's min till establishment autumn 2019

Conservation Agriculture initiative

The Syngenta Conservation Agriculture & Sustainable Farming Initiative aims to understand and assess the potential economic, agronomic and ecological benefits of conservation agriculture in a whole farm situation, across a full rotation. Identifying any challenges it poses could enable future adoption by growers to be successful.