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Agronomy FAQs


Every month, our Customer Technical Advisor, Caroline Linsdell, compiles a list of frequently asked questions based on the phone calls and emails she receives from growers and agronomists.


Read the latest questions below or browse the archive.

Noticed that application of ACTELLIC 50EC to the fabric of the store is still on the CRD approval certificate, has the label changed again to allow this use?

Syngenta decided to remove application of ACTELLIC 50EC to the fabric of the store from the label because the use by hand-held equipment was removed and there is not applicator available for this use.

Can ACTELLIC SMOKES be used in a grain store that is destined for oilseed rape?

No, the label states only cereal grain.

Has ELATUS Era got approval for use in beans yet?

The approval for the use of ELATUS Era on field beans (winter and spring has just come through and therefore can be used now at a rate of 0.66 l/ha up to and including 20% of pods have reached typical length (GS72). Grower must ensure he has a copy of the new label before applying ELATUS Era.

Is it correct that an adjuvant must be added to MINECTO One for the control of sucking pests in brassicas?

That is correct, an MSO adjuvant, such as Toil or Phase II must be added to give effective kill of sucking and leaf boring pests.

What is the situation with metalaxyl-m seed treatments?

The authorisations for Maxim XL, Vibrance SB and Wakil XL have all been withdrawn for use on outdoor sown seed, and can not be used after 30 June 2021. However, seed treated before 30 June can continue to be sown outdoors after that date in Great Britain.

What is the latest optimum sowing date for Hybrid barleys?

The normal window for drilling hybrid barley is mid-September to mid-October. However, farm experience has shown that the drilling window for hybrid barley can be extended until the end of October if conditions are suitable. Field establishment is the key to success, and consequently, the use of increased seed rates may be appropriate if field establishment is expected to be compromised.

Which hybrid barley variety is the best to grow on heavy land?

BELFRY would be a great choice as it combines high yield with a robust disease and lodging profile. Also there is a new variety called SY THUNDERBOLT, which is also strong on heavy land (based on limited data) with consistently high yields, great grain quality and early maturity. Both have good grass weed suppression.

Why can HYVIDO hybrid barley seed not be farm saved?

It is illegal to farm save hybrid barley seed. In addition, it does not make any agronomic or economic sense to farm-save hybrid varieties because the resulting crop will segregate to produce variable offspring, and extensive sterility, leading to reduced crop yields and variable grain quality.

Which Syngenta winter wheat variety has the highest resistance to Septoria tritici?

GRAHAM and SY INSITOR have a Septoria tritici rating of 6.8, higher than other Syngenta varieties on the Recommended List.

Which Syngenta winter wheat variety has the widest suitable drilling window?

GLEAM can be drilled from early September until mid-February.