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SY Kingsbarn

SY KINGSBARN is the latest hybrid barley to join the Syngenta family. It is the high performing all-rounder with potential to bring excellent return on investments. It couples superb grain quality with excellent disease resistance. 

Variety Summary

End-use group: Six-row feed, Hybrid

Market options: Livestock Feed

Soil preference: Suitable for all soil types and performs well even on marginal land

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions, particularly in the East and West

Sowing rate: Approx 200 seeds/m2 in good conditions

Variety Summary

We've compared KINGSBARN and KWS Orwell on the AHDB Recommended List 2020/21 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in. Download the variety sheet for some more in depth information you can carry with you everywhere.



 Untreated Yield*Treated Yield*Eastern Yield*Western Yield*Northern Yield*
SY KINGSBARN88108108107107
KWS Orwell80102102102101

* % treated control


Grain quality


Specific Weight



(% through 2.25mm)


(% through 2.5mm) 

SY KINGSBARN69.81.87.0
KWS Orwell67.92.06.3


Disease profile




Yellow rust


Brown rust




Net blotch


KWS Orwell3[7]765

[ ] = limited data

Agronomic features


Resistance to lodging


Straw height without PGR


Straw height with PGR



(days +/- Orwell, -ve = earlier)

SY KINGSBARN 7111101-1
KWS Orwell886840