Variety Overview

End-use group: Six-row feed, Hybrid

Market options: Livestock Feed

Soil preference: Performs well on all soil types, particularly on light land

Regional positioning:  Performs well in all regions, particularly in the West

Sowing rate: Approx 200 seeds/m2 in good conditions. Up to 250 seeds/m2 in grass weed situations

Key features: SY CANYON is a hybrid barley that brings high yield performance combined with exceptional grain quality.  This variety is particularly strong on light land.   SY CANYON has high UK yields and shows particularly strong performance in the  west.  SY CANYON offers outstanding grain quality, with a high specific weight. SY CANYON brings a good all round disease profile and very high untreated yields.  SY CANYON is a fantastic variety, bringing a winning combination of yield and quality as well as grass weed suppression uniquely powered by hybrid vigour.


Key Performance Statistics

We've compared SY CANYON and KWS Orwell on the AHDB Recommended List 2024/25 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in.


 Untreated Yield*Treated Yield*Eastern Yield*Western Yield*Northern Yield*
SY CANYON91105.6105106106
KWS Orwell8399.69910099

* % treated control

[ ] = limited data

Grain quality

 Specific weight (kg/hl)Screenings (% through 2.25mm)Screenings (% through 2.5mm)
SY CANYON71.11.96.2
KWS Orwell68.91.75.4

Disease profile




Brown rust




Net blotch (1-9)BaYMV
KWS Orwell3765R

[ ] = limited data

Agronomic features


Resistance to lodging with PGR


Straw height without PGR


Straw height with PGR 


Ripening (days +/- Orwell, -ve = earlier)
SY CANYON6119109-1
KWS Orwell896870

[ ] = limited data


Breeding Insight


SY CANYON brings high specific weight and combines it with high yield and strong disease resistance. This variety should offer growers confidence, flexibility, and high performance across the board.

Ben Urquhart - Seeds Technical Expert

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