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Shabras winter wheat

SHABRAS is a high performing hard group 4 feed wheat that gives outstanding yeilds in light land and second wheat situations.  Its quick growth habit and thick canopy structure makes it an excellent option in black grass situations. SHABRAS also has strong Yellow Rust and Septoria tritici resistance making it a reliable option for feed wheat growers. 

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Variety summary

End-use group: Hard Group 4

Market options: Livestock feed

Soil preference: Highest performance on medium and light soil types

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions

Parentage: Cassius x Hereford

Breeding insights

"A very high yielding variety with full UK recommendation. What’s not to like? SHABRAS has outstanding second wheat yields plus strong performances on heavy and light soils. Its very early maturity coupled with its robust Hagberg Falling Number means it is a safe bet for harvest."
- Tracy Creasy

Tracy Creasy

Variety overview

We've compared a few varieties on the AHDB Recommended List 2020/21 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in.  Download the variety sheet for some more in depth information you can carry with you everywhere.

Agronomic features


Resistance to lodging without PGR


Resistance to lodging with PGR


Straw height without PGR



(days +/- Skyfall)

 SHABRAS 6.56.885.60
KWS Kerin6.76.985.4+1
RGT Gravity6.87.187.1+1



 Untreated Yield*Treated Yield*Eastern Yield*Western Yield*Northern Yield*
 SHABRAS 81101.7102102102
KWS Kerin79102.4102102103
RGT Gravity79102.8103103102

* % treated control 


Grain quality

 Endosperm texture

Protein content (%)

Hagberg Falling Numer

Specific Weight


 SHABRAS Hard11.420975.9
KWS KerinHard10.9151


RGT GravityHard11.420476.0


Disease profile




Yellow rust


Brown rust


Septoria tritici




KWS Kerin7774.95
RGT Gravity4864.84


Source: AHDB Recommended List 2020/21

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