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Cultivating answers to black-grass control

Innovation Centres
Georgina Wood from grassweed diaries video

A better understanding of black-grass, along with the adoption of a more integrated approach, has brought the most troublesome grassweed back in some semblance of control for most cereal growers. But at what cost for crop performance and financial returns?

Cultural controls, alongside agronomy programmes, are now seen as crucial for a long-term management and containment strategy. The challenge is utilising the most appropriate cultivation and establishment tools at the right time - and when, if necessary, to pull the reset trigger to call in the plough.

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For the past four years the Barton Black-grass Innovation Centre has undertaken the UK’s most comprehensive combination of cultivation and establishment field trials, to assess impacts on black-grass populations. The complex matrix of results has given an unrivalled insight into how combinations of techniques work, year-on-year – along with the implications for yields and margins.

Barton cultivation matrix from grassweed diaries video

Syngenta grass weed specialist, Georgina Wood, takes a tour of the trials, to talk through how you could best use the lessons in practice. Watch the video here.

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