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Rye-grass Focus Site Update

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Caroline Linsdell, Customer Technical Advisor, caught up with Andy Cunningham, Trialist at the Rye-grass Focus Site in Doncaster.

Andy applied pre-ems 2 weeks ago to the winter wheat, and after some rain, these seem to be working well.

He commented that the rye-grass population in the untreated plot was about 50 plants/m2 and within the treated plot, which had DEFY + flufenacet/DFF, there was about 4-6 plants/m2. According to Andy, there will be more rye-grass to emerge!

Andy has left the headland uncropped, this has an untreated and treated plot (DEFY + flufenacet/DFF).

‘You can see a flush of rye-grass in the untreated’, highlighted Andy.

The aim here is to see what the population of rye-grass is in this uncropped untreated area compared to the treated area.

There is also a drilling time trial, where Andy is looking at early vs later drilling dates. With the later drilled crop, Andy will wait for a flush of rye-grass, spray off and then drill, in the hope that there will be much less rye-grass emerging from then on. He hopes to see the benefits of drilling later against early drilled crops for rye-grass control.

Watch Andy Cunningham's second rye-grass update from Doncaster

Andy has another trial looking at the effect of sunlight on rye-grass by drilling East to West and North to South, this is repeating the work he did at Crockey Hill in York. Andy believes that the less sunlight, the smaller and less vigorous the rye-grass. He has drilled 2 rows each of winter wheat, Hybrid barley and conventional barley and placed light metres in the rows of each of these – watch this space for more updates!

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