Syngenta Vegetable Seeds to share game-changing innovations at Fruit Logistica 2023

Baby plum tomatoes at Fruit Logistica
Baby plum tomatoes at Fruit Logistica

Syngenta is proud to be a finalist in the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards, for the third successive year - with its IDEAL Melons™ featuring the Harvest Indicator trait.

Set to be announced at Europe's premier fresh food industry event, Fruit Logistica, in Berlin next month (8 - 10 Feb), these cantaloupe melons represent a fantastic opportunities for growers, shippers, and retailers to redefine the long-shelf-life melon market.

The innovation is a fruit that doesn’t sacrifice taste or aromatics, while maintaining a favorable shelf life with and easy-to-see rind colour change, indicating readiness at each step. This lets growers know the perfect time to harvest and gives retailers and consumers confidence they will have the best tasting melon available.

With excellent taste, aromatics, and texture, IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator Trait are a ticket to reinvigorated melon demand.

Also on display from Syngenta at Fruit Logistica will be:

Tomato varieties with resistance to Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) that is spreading around the world and can lead to 70% yield loss. Along with new resources from Syngenta to help growers reduce transmission of the virus.

Details of a greenhouse robot trial to harvest tomatoes at Tomato Vision, Syngenta's premier research greenhouse in the Netherlands. Along with developments from Syngenta collaboration with AI and technology companies to find new, more efficient, and accurate ways to collect and analyze data for breeding trials. There's a chance to arrange a virtual tour of Tomato Vision.

Game-changing SolidRib and Krispice lettuces as Syngenta continues to invest in R&D to improve yield, diseases resistances, climate flexibility, and the ability for lettuce to grow in different geographies - while maintaining the sustainability standards growers, consumers and value chain partners expect.

Visit Syngenta Vegetable Seeds at Fruit Logistica in Hall 1.2 C-50 where Syngenta experts from around the world will be there and happy to answer questions. Check out our website: or learn more on social media with Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds.