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Understanding which of the two species of wild oats you’re dealing with on farm is crucial to planning your control strategy.

Know your wild oats

Avena fatua 
The common or spring wild oat germinates mainly in spring (March/April) but with a variable amount of autumn germination too (mainly September/October). 


     Avena sterilis
                                                                                                The winter wild oat germinates mainly in autumn                and winter (October through to early March)     

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Application advice




Harry Fordham, Application Specialist, considers the challenges associated with wild oat control.  Timing of application and application techniques are key to increasing control of this yield robbing weed.







Tim Scott, the farmer of our Barton Innovation Centre site, discusses the problems of controlling wild oats.  He recommends hitting wild oats when they’re small to give you the best chance of control.  Watch his video for more application advice.




What next?


  1. Map wild oats in your field to monitor control over several seasons
  2. Identify the species of wild oat on your farm
  3. Plan your control strategy taking into account likely germination patterns
  4. Test for resistance if poor control is seen