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NEW QUANTIS - Manage stress in your potatoes

QUANTIS is a naturally derived biostimulant incorporating a combination of organic carbons, potassium, calcium and energy source carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and amino acids, that contribute to mitigating drought and heat stresses on the plant.

The combination of different compounds, at the right ratio to each other, support the plant against abiotic stress through key phases of tuber development – to protect yield and quality.

QUANTIS is the exciting new biostimulant for potato production

The naturally derived compounds in QUANTIS act directly as anti-oxidants and an osmoprotectant, to counter the adverse effects of stress on plant cells.

With the benefit of in-depth research and development by Syngenta, there is a better understanding of how biostimulants work and the benefits they can deliver in the field.

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Protect from stress

QUANTIS is a novel biostimulant containing organic carbon and amino acids.

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Scientifically proven

QUANTIS has been proven by the UK's most extensive biostimulant field trials.

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Easy to apply

Find out how you can use QUANTIS to manage stress in potato crops.

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New Quantis gives relief to heat

All the essential information about how Quantis works and how you can use it.

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