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Manage your weather risk



An exclusive offering that helps you offset the risk of adverse weather conditions. Based on calculated rainfall (not actual rainfall). See our Frequently Asked Questions for information on how rainfall is calculated

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Give you the confidence to invest in Syngenta products, by knowing that Syngenta shares the risk with you

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Cash Back on Syngenta Products

Straight forward cash back process on any enrolment that triggers a payout

Signing up for AGRICLIME® is simple

  • Simply enter your contact details and your farm coordinates
  • Enter your Syngenta qualifying products
  • Choose your weather risk window

And you are ready to go!

Find out more about Agriclime and how it works

Managing weather risk can be hard due to the uncertainty of future weather events that can have a negative impact on your crop yeilds potential. Syngenta makes it easy by introducing Agriclime - a simple solution to help share the risk against weather uncertainty.


How it works:

Download our Agriclime Leaflet

Step-by-step Signup Guide

Frequently asked questions

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