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Can I access Partnership Plan via an App?

The Partnership Plan platform doesn't have an app however, it can be accessed on mobile or desktop at anytime. 

Can I still use my business’ pre-paid Partnership Plan card?

No. Your existing pre-paid Partnership Plan card, provided by Wirecard will no longer work. It ceased to operate as of Thursday 19th November 2020Wirecard’s licence will be revoked by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) at the end of November 2020 and Wirecard will go into liquidation.

What information do I need to provide on behalf of my business in order to earn rewards?

To earn Partnership Plan points, that can then be spent in the rewards catalogue, Syngenta requires you to input two sections of data:

  1. 1) The cropping you have planted in hectares for the current harvest season; for example, the 2020 season would ask your planting for 2020 harvest. We also ask that you give your best approximation of a forecast for the next harvest season.
  2. 2) The Syngenta products you have used on the cropping you have inputted.

After you have inputted products against cropping the system will calculate if the products you have used are within legal dose rate limits. If the information is correct, the system will auto validate your submission. If, for whatever reason, the system cannot verify your submission (i.e. EAMU use) it will need to be checked by a BASIS qualified Syngenta staff member in order to be approved. Once validation has occurred, either automatically or by a qualified expert, your points will be paid.

I see a blank page when I try to log in - what should I do?

Are you using Internet Explorer 11 as your web browser? This browser is no longer supported by Microsoft and is less secure than modern browsers. Therefore, for security reasons it is not supported by our platform. We recommend that you use a different web browser, such as Chrome.