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Partnership Plan is now open

Partnership Plan submissions are now open for the September 2017 - August 2018 period

What do you need to do?

  1. Collate your business' Syngenta product and variety use for the September 2017-August 2018 season (crop protection products in litres or kilograms and varieties in hectares) 
  2. Go to the website
  3. Log in. (Your username is your registered email address. If you have forgotten your password, follow the 'forgotten password' link to have it instantly reset. If you’ve never logged in before, don’t worry, we will be sending you a welcome email with details of how to create your access details shortly.)
  4. Follow the submission step by step. 
  5. Double check the details we hold for your business are correct & press 'submit'! 

What happens next?

We will calculate the number of points your business has earned and convert this into ££'s. Your business will receive, via you as the contact, a reward in the form of a new pre-paid Wirecard, so your business can enjoy spending the points earned anywhere that accepts VISA.

Don't delay; submit today!

You have until 15th December to submit your business' Partnership Plan, but the sooner you send us the data, the quicker we can begin validating it and processing the pre-paid Wirecard.

Something not quite right?

If you're having trouble with your submission and need a hand, don't hesitate to contact the Partnership Plan team. They're on hand to help 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Telephone: 0800 652 4215 Email: [email protected]

Important changes to Partnership Plan

We are constantly trying to improve Partnership Plan, so thank you for your feedback. As a result, we have made the following changes, which we hope will improve your experience.

Portal submission saves in progress

You will now be able to save a draft of your business’ product usage in the online portal, so you can return and update it at your leisure until it is ready to submit.

Card expiry

In the past, you will have received a new Partnership Plan pre-paid card for your business each year, each with a new expiry date. From this year, on behalf of your business, you will have one rolling pre-paid card with an expiry date of three years. You will receive a Wirecard with your business’ 2017/18 Partnership Plan reward, and any mid-season offers and future season rewards will be topped up on this card. After three years, when this card expires, you will be sent a new Wirecard with the same pin, and any outstanding points will be transferred to this card. It is therefore important that your business keeps hold of this card and remembers the pin.

Frequently asked questions

We've collated some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn't answered, don't hesitate to contact the Partnership Plan team. They're on hand to help 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Telephone: 0800 652 4215 Email: [email protected].

General FAQs

What is Partnership Plan?

Partnership Plan is our way to thank our loyal customers. Partnership Plan allows you, on behalf of your business, to collect points for Syngenta product purchases made during the previous cropping year.  Your business' points are converted into a balance and placed on a VISA debit card, which is sent to you to reinvest back into your farming business.

Who can apply to join Partnership Plan?

Anyone can apply to join. Please speak to your local area manager or contact the Partnership Plan Team.

How do I apply to join Partnership Plan?

You can apply or reapply to join Partnership Plan at any time in the year. Please contact the Partnership Plan Team and request an application form.

How do I leave Partnership Plan?

Please contact the Partnership Plan Team. We will cancel your card and any remaining balance will revert to Syngenta.

How do I change the name on my account?

If the Partnership Plan member for an account has changed, you will need to contact the Partnership Plan Team.

I can’t log into the Partnership Plan website

If this is your first time logging in, you will have been sent a Welcome email when you first applied to Partnership Plan which contains your log in details. You will need to click on ‘Customize Password’ to create a password for the website. You will only be able to log in once a password has been created.

If you have logged in before, please make sure you are visiting the correct website: Click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.

If you are still having trouble, please contact the Partnership Plan Team.

If I didn’t submit my business’ Partnership Plan last year, can I submit this year?

Yes, welcome back!

Form FAQs

Can I have a paper form?

If you require a paper form to submit your Partnership Plan, please contact the Partnership Plan Team. We will provide you with a PDF of the form or post it to your address.

I have missed something off my form, can I add it?

You cannot amend your form once submitted. Please email the Partnership Plan team with details of the missing items.

Rewards FAQs

What information do I need to provide on behalf of my business in order to claim the reward?

We will ask you about your cropping information and your Syngenta product purchase history for the previous cropping year (from 1st September to 31st August).

Which products qualify for points?

All Syngenta products qualify for varying levels of points.

Can I retrospectively claim my reward?

No, you can only claim points for your Partnership Plan submitted for the previous year.

How are points calculated?

Different products qualify for different amounts of points, and 10 points are worth £1.

How does Syngenta validate the points and how long does this take?

Partnership Plan is based on trust, but if the information we receive doesn’t look right, we may be in contact to double check it against your records. The time this takes is variable.

Card FAQs

Who are ‘Wirecard’?

Wirecard are the company who issue and manage the prepaid VISA debit cards to you on Syngenta’s behalf.

How do I get a replacement card?

If you have lost your card, please contact the Partnership Plan Team. A replacement card takes 7 – 10 days to arrive and you will be able to access your new PIN via the Wirecard website -

My card hasn’t arrived yet

The sooner you submit your Partnership Plan, the sooner you will receive your card. If a replacement card hasn’t arrived after two weeks please get in touch with the Partnership Plan Team.

Why are you no longer offering reimbursement of company invoices?

Our members provided feedback that this process was slow and tedious. We listened and wanted to provide our members an easier, quicker and more flexible method - the Partnership Plan Card.

What if I want to purchase something that costs more than the balance on my card?

To make a purchase greater than the balance on your card, simply present your card to the cashier at the till and tell them your available balance, along with a second payment method such as cash or a different card, to cover the cost difference. Please ask the cashier in advance if they are able to perform these types of “split transactions.” For online purchases, please ensure the balance on your card is sufficient to cover your purchase as split transactions are not usually supported online.

How do I check my card balance?

To access your prepaid card account and e-statement, please login to for standard cards or for Premier Rewards cards where you can register your card for greater security.

Can I spend my Partnership Plan points any other way than the card?

Redemption of points are only available via the prepaid card. Points will be converted to GBP and put on your card to make it simple for you.

Can I use the card abroad?

You may use your card internationally where Visa is accepted. A 3% fee will be applied to all transactions processed in a currency other than GBP. This fee is included in the total amount of your settled transaction.

Will I get a monthly account statement in the mail?

You can manage your account’s transaction history and balance 24/7 online by logging in to or . We will send you a statement in the post a few days before a new card arrives or any new points are issued. You may also request your balance by phoning the Wirecard Customer Care on the number on the back of the card.

Can I spend my prepaid funds on products or services for non-business use?

Partnership Plan was set up to support investment in your farming business, however, you are free to allocate the funds at your own discretion. It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to ensure the correct accounting treatment of those funds.

Can I give my card to someone else to spend the money for me?

It may vary by retailer, but like a debit card, if you share your PIN number it is at your own risk.

What if I no longer wish to be on Partnership Plan?

Please email the Partnership Plan Team at [email protected]. We will cancel your card and any remaining balance will revert to Syngenta.

Can I claim the VAT if the products or services purchased with the card are business-related?

Syngenta is not in a position to provide tax advice and would advise you to speak to your accountant regarding eligibility regarding VAT.

If I don’t have any points, will I get a card?

No. Cards will only be issued when a Partnership Plan account has a valid points balance.

Who is the account holder for the card?

The funds belong to whoever purchased the Syngenta products, therefore, the Partnership Plan Terms and Conditions stipulate that you must have the explicit permissions of the owner if you are not the owner.

What if the company where I want to purchase an item does not accept VISA?

Your card can only be used where VISA is accepted, in store or online.

Can I use the card for online purchases?

Yes. Please ensure the balance on your card is sufficient to cover your purchase as split transactions are not usually supported online. Additional restrictions may apply.