Variety overview

Market options: Non-GN winter malting barley. Low N contracts are available, we advise checking locally. 

Soil preference: Suitable for all soil types.

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions.

Agronomics: Strong resistance to brown rust and net blotch.

Parentage: Overture x SY Venture.

Key features: SY Vessel is a special quality non-GN winter malting barley. It has been tested by some maltsters across the UK for malt distilling and there are now contracts available in different regions of the UK. We would advise checking locally if contracts are available in your area.

SY VESSEL: From Grain to Glass!

We caught up with Muntons, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery and Wold Top Brewery to find out how SY VESSEL is supporting their businesses and the wider industry. Watch the video below to learn more about the process from Grain to Glass!

Breeding Insight

SY Vessel is a special non-GN winter malting barley. It can be grown to achieve malt speci­fications for both the brewing and distilling markets and as such offers flexibility to both growers and maltsters.

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