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Summer Vacation Work

Each year Syngenta recruits a number of summer vacation workers at Jealott’s Hill, Bracknell. Jealott's Hill, established in 1927, is a centre of excellence for discovery and bio-performance research and is a key site for environmental sciences. It is our largest research site, employing over 700 scientists and support staff.  As a Summer Vacation worker you’ll be a valued member of the team, enjoying a real job – with real responsibilities – from day one within laboratories, glasshouses to support the Research and Development operations. Summer Vacation work typically lasts between 10 – 12 weeks.

If you would like to gain some experience at Syngenta's largest R&D site register your interest.

Having been a vacation worker at Syngenta three times I can honestly say the experience has really set the start of my career on track. The mix of work was well balanced between developing technical skills valued in industry and insight into how a large organization works. For me, my vacation work directly led into a year of contracting followed by an offer to be full time employee. I found that by using my summers to be a vacation worker gave me an early advantage of having a Masters and a year’s worth of experience in just 4 years, not to mention having industry contacts. Overall I highly recommend vacation work to anyone looking for a taster of the industry or looking for a competitive advantage in todays saturated graduate jobs market." - Michael Bird.