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Seed treatments for winter crops

Choosing a wheat seed treatment

Build a resilient crop with VIBRANCE Duo

VIBRANCE Duo has proven to consistently improve establishment.

Newark, Nottinghamshire, SY INSITOR winter wheat, light soil drilled 15th October 2020. Picture taken 1st November 2020 and rooting assessed 24th February 2021.

Dorset, GLEAM winter wheat, chalk soil drilled mid-October 2020. Picture taken 2nd November 2020

VIBRANCE Duo has proven to consistently increase rooting.

Banbury, Oxfordshire. SY INSITOR winter wheat, light soil drilled 16th October 2020. Assessed 19th February 2021.

Choosing a winter barley seed treatment

VIBRANCE Duo now has registration for use as a seed treatment for winter barley

For the control of seed-borne Microdochium seedling blight, covered smut and moderate control of leaf stripe. As in wheat, the VIBRANCE effect can also be seen in barley: VIBRANCE Duo has excellent establishment and rooting benefits.

Summary of VIBRANCE DUO activity in barley

# = Loose smut control is not claimed on the VIBRANCE Duo label but trials have shown Sedaxane to have good activity. In higher risk loose smut situations Syngenta recommend co-application with a loose smut active partner, such as Rancona I-MIX.

When is the risk of Loose smut higher?

• Untested or loose smut infected farm saved seed.

• When planning to farm save your seed.

Improved establishment from VIBRANCE Duo for a more resilient crop

Brandon, Suffolk, SY THUNDERBOLT hybrid winter barley drilled 18th September 2020. Picture taken 9th October 2020 and rooting assessed 15th March 2021.

Improved rooting in winter barley

Doncaster, Yorkshire, sandy loam soil, SY THUNDERBOLT hybrid winter barley drilled 6th October 2020. Picture taken 19th April 2021.

Trials have shown excellent rooting benefits in barley with both VIBRANCE Duo alone and co-applied with a loose smut active partner. 

Winter barley average rooting data across 29 sites (13 hybrid barley and 16 winter barley).