Research and Development

With around 4,000 employees in R&D globally, we continue to search for new and improved ways of raising the quality and yield of crops worldwide.

R&D in the UK

Our work means we keep developing new products to help protect the world's crops from weeds, insects and diseases.

Jealott's Hill Research Centre in the UK is our centre for Crop Protection Discovery, Bioscience, Weed Control Research, Seeds Research, bioperformance enhancement and Product Safety Research. We also have seed breeding research stations at Whittlesford (Cambridgeshire) and Market Stainton (Lincolnshire).

Scientists at Jealott's Hill work closely with colleagues in Basel, Stein and M├╝nchwilen (Switzerland), at Research Triangle Park in the USA and at Goa in India. Their work throughout the R&D process ensures that Syngenta products hold a premium in agricultural markets worldwide. To help support this, the company has field stations in all the world's major climatic zones.