New spring malting barley from Syngenta demonstrates its consistency of performance

Spring Barley
  • SY SIGNET joined the AHDB Recommended List in autumn 2022 and currently has Provisional MBC Approval for brewing. 

  • In addition to high yields, SY SIGNET offers growers a robust agronomic package combined with solid grain quality. 

  • For the end user, the very high Hot Water Extract of SY SIGNET brings significant benefits for the brewer too.

2023 was a challenging season for spring barley, which saw many varieties struggling to maintain their performance. However, SY SIGNET demonstrated its’ inherent consistency in this difficult season. 

The graph below, taken from the AHDB Recommended List harvest results website, identifies SY SIGNET as one of only five varieties in 2023 trials that performed above its 5-year mean. The variety LAUREATE is also one of these five excelling varieties.  The consistency of LAUREATE is well understood and has been a key component of its success over recent years. It is therefore pleasing to see SY SIGNET performing in a similar manner to LAUREATE.


Source: AHDB harvest results 2023 (dated 6th November)

SY SIGNET RL data in summary

  • UK treated yield 102.2%, higher than all fully or provisionally MBC approved varieties on the AHDB 2024 RL
  • Consistent yield performance across years
  • Very high untreated yields at 91% (as % of treated controls)
  • Robust disease package including a [8] for mildew, 5 for brown rust and 5 for Rhynchosporium
  • Excellent straw with a high [7] rating for lodging and 8 rating for brackling
  • Solid grain quality including a specific weight of 67.2 kg/hl
  • The second highest Hot Water Extract figure on the 2023 AHDB RL (314.2 l deg/kg) when compared to all fully or provisionally MBC approved varieties; beaten only by SY TENNYSON

The strong UK performance of SY SIGNET across wider environments is also evident. Having been tested in SYNGENTA’s pan-European trialling network, the wider potential of SY SIGNET outside the UK was identified. SY SIGNET is currently in official variety registration trials in several European countries including Denmark, Netherlands, Czech and Finland. If successful in achieving wider European approval, we expect the development of a significant export market for SY SIGNET offering UK growers a further potential outlet for their grain.

SY SIGNET is an exciting new variety in the extensive Syngenta portfolio offering high yields in combination with strong farmer focused agronomics and an excellent malting profile for brewing. SY SIGNET will proceed through the UK MBC pilot testing process targeting full MBC approval for brewing in 2025, while continuing its development path across Europe.

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