New report reveals Syngenta operations in Huddersfield drives £millions into Kirklees economy

Site Aerial View

Syngenta operations in Huddersfield drive £140m GVA back into the Kirklees economy each year, according to the research. 

The report from KADA Research, the UK and International economic development consultancy reveals the instrumental role that Syngenta operations have in the Kirklees economy, also underpinning 1,000 skilled jobs.

The GVA measure is used by economists, to measure the value generated in the production of goods and services and factors such as spend, supply and production costs are used to calculate GVA.

One of the world’s biggest regenerative agricultural technology companies, with a commitment to drive innovation, enabling farmers to meet the growing demands of a changing world, the Syngenta site in the town, is one of the company’s most prominent and award-winning UK production sites, with roots going back 100 years in Huddersfield.

Amongst the most striking points in the report is the sustained employment growth witnessed over the past five years at the Huddersfield site. Despite tough trading conditions as a result of the Pandemic, the data shows a 14% annual increase in employment in the last 5 years, in a region where employment in the manufacturing sector has declined. This growth positions Syngenta as a crucial player in addressing local employment needs, and vital upskilling through their award-winning higher-grade apprenticeships. A significant 75% of all Syngenta employees are residents of Kirklees and 56% live within 5 miles of the Site, further reinforcing the company's integration within the local community. 

The impact report shows the multiplier effect generated by Syngenta extends well beyond its immediate workforce. The ripple effect of local spending generated by Syngenta creates an additional 145 jobs, culminating in a total of over 1,000 jobs attributed to the Syngenta site.  

The firm has also taken an increasingly active role in supporting local community causes, providing donations and sponsorships to schools, charities, and cultural and community events, continuing to make financial donations and sponsorships to more than 40 local good causes in 2023. 

Pete Waddington, Syngenta Huddersfield Site Manager, said: "We are immensely proud of the findings presented in the KADA economic impact report at Syngenta Huddersfield. The findings reflect Syngenta's deep-rooted commitment to the local community, not only as a major employer but as a catalyst for economic growth and sustainability."