Shropshire Innovation Centre

Shropshire Innovation Centre

The Shropshire Innovation Centre has a focus on wet weather diseases in wheat and barley as well a host of other trials looking at BYDV, intercropping and seed & soil borne diseases.

Shropshire Innovation Centre Update – October 2020

Winter wheat

One of the main focuses for the Shropshire innovation centre this year will be around wet weather diseases in cereals. 

The majority of the plots were drilled on the 21st September into a perfect seedbed and the surrounding commercial crop was drilled on the 26th September - ready for replicated disease control trials in the spring. Looking at the field on the 1st October the seeds had germinated well and were just about breaking the soil surface.

Winter barley

We also have work looking at disease control in winter barley, so in the field next door to the winter wheat, we have plot drilled several trials and the surrounding commercial crop on the 21st September.
Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) will also be a focus of this site with a number of different varieties.
There are a number of plots looking at seedcare options in winter barley and how these impact establishment, rooting and final yield. There is also a later drill timing planned to see the benefits of seed treatments when delayed drilled into often compromised conditions.

Arable event

Again we have the Arable Event on the same site as the Shropshire innovation centre and we have drilled up an extensive variety screen of winter wheat, winter barley and also oats, tritcale and hybrid rye. This was drilled on the 1st October and these plots will be demonstrated  on the main open day (depending on restrictions!) as well as getting updates throughout the year from the varieties.

Shropshire Innovation Centre - October 2020 Update
Shropshire Innovation Centre Update 14th May 2020
Innovation Centres

Innovation Centres

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