Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre

The Syngenta Ryegrass Innovation Centre at Doncaster is part of a network of trial sites across the country, providing practical solutions for farmers. The site is in its second year, and is starting to generate useful insights into the short- and long-term impact of cultural, chemical and application methods on grass weed control and yield.
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A wide range of areas under investigation at Doncaster

In 17 ryegrass trials across three hectares at Doncaster, we are continuing to investigate a wide range of integrated approaches to controlling this highly competitive weed. This year we have a large herbicide screen, stacking and sequencing residual chemistry; a cultivation zone monitoring crop establishment, ryegrass management and soil health; and an area focused on application technique and nozzle selection.

We are always interested in new ideas to trial, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do get in touch!

Updates from Doncaster

Our Doncaster updates are brought to you by our Grass weed Specialist, Andy Cunningham. Throughout the series, he will be discussing the innovative trials he is conducting at the Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre, and sharing his findings.

In the latest episode, Andy looks at the best pre-emergence treatment for ryegrass. Stay tuned as he takes you through our trials.


We host regular trial site visits at Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre. Throughout June we host hundreds of farmers, agronomists and sprayer operators to demonstrate our findings from ryegrass trials.

Keep an eye out for details of a virtual tour in June and for our results meeting towards the end of the year.

Trial update April 2020

At the Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre, we are demonstrating good differences in ryegrass control. Of all the potential active ingredients for pre-emergence control, DEFY® is showing that it is the best pre-emergence herbicide partner product for both winter and spring cereal crops, regardless of the weather extremes seen last autumn and this spring. Our large-scale application trials are also demonstrating the benefits of using selecting the right nozzle type and why it is important to apply pre-emergence herbicides in the right way ensure the pre-emergence application hits the target. #LowSlowCovered

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