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FAQ July/August 2016

Does AUSTRAL PLUS control frit fly and aphids in cereals?

No, AUSTRAL PLUS is not systemic, therefore anything above the ground will not be controlled.

From what growth stage can FUSILADE MAX be applied to winter oilseed rape?

From the 1st true leaf of the oilseed rape. Crops may be treated at the cotyledon stage if there is severe weed competition, but Syngenta will not support if in a complex tank mix.

What is the dose rate of HALLMARK ZEON for flea beetle control in winter oilseed rape and can a non-ionic adjuvant be added?

The dose rate for HALLMARK ZEON is 75 mls/ha for flea beetle control. A non-ionic adjuvant may be added in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

According to the REGLONE label, it states that if a SMART test fails, a grower cannot apply REGLONE to a crop of potatoes – is this correct?

The label is correct, but trials have shown and our advice to growers is to apply REGLONE at a maximum of 1.0 l/ha even if the SMART test fails. This will open the crop up ready for the next REGLONE application 5-7 days later.

When is the best time to apply REGLONE to linseed and should a non-ionic wetter be added?

Apply when the bolls rattle in the seed pods at 3.0 l/ha + a non-ionic wetter.

Can REGLONE be applied to spring beans going for human consumption?

Yes, the label for REGLONE used to have beans for stockfeed only, this was removed a few years ago, therefore the beans can now go for any end market.

Can REGLONE be applied to milling wheat?

Definitely not, it has never been on the REGLONE label.

What is the seed rate for GRAHAM winter wheat?

September drilling – 275-300 seeds/sq metre. November drilling – 375-400 seeds/sq metre. Syngenta do not advise growers to drill GRAHAM beyond the end of November.

Can REFLECTION winter wheat be drilled as a 2nd wheat?

Yes, it is a good 2nd wheat.

What is the seed rate for BAZOOKA Hybrid barley if drilled mid-late October?

If drilled mid-October – 220 seeds/sq metre, if drilled late October – 250 seeds/sq metre.