The ELATUS™ ERA Journey - Green Leaf Area Retention

ELATUS™ ERA - Green Leaf Area Retention

Green leaf area retention

Over the last two seasons in trials, we have seen ELATUS™ ERA's complete leaf protection and ability to extend green leaf retention, building yield.

How green leaf retention translates into yield

Previous research at Reading University has found that every day from crop flowering onwards that green leaf area is kept at 37% or above, wheat yield accumulates by 0.15 t/ha. By measuring green leaf area towards the end of the season, it is therefore possible to calculate theoretical yield accumulation.

In 2017, an in-field time-lapse study at our York Innovation Centre using ELATUS™ ERA at T2 put this to the test. Results showed that ELATUS™
ERA extended winter wheat green leaf retention by an extra 5.5 days compared with bixafen / fluopyram / prothioconazole.

This equated to a theoretical extra 0.83 t/ha. When harvested, the actual yield benefit from ELATUS™ ERA mirrored this closely, delivering an extra 0.9 t/ha.

Green leaf area retention timelapse
Green leaf area retention timelapse

Green leaf retention results from 2017 York T2 trial

Theoretical extra yield: ELATUS™ ERA 5.5 more days above 37%

GLA: 0.83 t/ha

Actual yield advantage: 0.9 t/ha extra from ELATUS™ ERA (11.4 t/ha vs. Ascra Xpro 10.5 t/ha)

How ELATUS™ ERA extends green leaf area into yield

Key to the ability of ELATUS™ ERA to extend green leaf retention is how SOLATENOL™ behaves after being applied (biokinetics). As well as being
highly stable on and inside the leaf, to provide long-lasting and powerful disease control, it also moves systemically up the leaf.

However, SOLATENOL™ moves more slowly than other SDHI molecules, such as fluxapyroxad, which tends to accumulate at the leaf tip, exposing
the application site to infection. Septoria commonly infects at the leaf base when moisture collects around the leaf axil. The movement properties
of SOLATENOL™ ensure more even distribution to provide complete leaf protection.