Digital decisions to aid potato agronomy

Agronomy Issues

The new Syngenta myFIELD app now includes major developments to both Quantis Heat Stress Alert and BlightCast, in a single easy to use digital platform.

Download and customise myFIELD for your phone

Simply download MyFIELD and register to start receiving weather warning risks for your area. Add in your fields, using the integrated Google maps tool, and all the information received for Potato Tools  will be tailored precisely to your location and crops.

Quantis Heat Stress Alert notifies when heat events are forecast to trigger set parameters when potato crops suffer – in time to take action with preventative applications.

BlightCast gives growers and agronomists up to 14 days warning of conditions conducive to disease infection and development, to fine tune blight protection strategies.

Now, the new App enables users to personalise the parameters that trigger a near miss threshold, to tailor the system’s sensitivity to specific situations; the full Hutton period warning remains fixed at nationally recognised conditions.

Growers and agronomists can elect to receive email alerts of impending heat or blight risk periods, at a time of their choice prior the risks occurring.

Both BlightCast and Quantis Heat Stress Alert should be used in conjunction with Syngenta Spray Assist, to ensure optimum timing and application techniques to the prevailing weather conditions and assure crops are protected.

The myFIELD app is free to download now and available for iPhone and android.  

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