Connecting Communities Fair Returns with Passion

Contributors - Connecting Communities

After a three year absence due to Covid, the 9th Annual Connecting Communities Fair was held at Syngenta premises in Huddersfield.

The annual event aims to bring together local good causes and Syngenta staff, with a view to maximising use of its Syngenta Employees Community Gift scheme – a fund where staff make contributions from wages to help local community groups with their projects. Staff link up with groups and hear about what is happening in the community, with a view to tapping in to resources of the Gift Fund.

Carl Sykes of Syngenta said “In the last 3 years, we have had an approximate turnover of 25% of our staff, so this event was particularly special, to demonstrate how our employees can connect with community groups and get involved in activities. It was also reinvigorating to see us host social events on Site, after such a long absence"

Every Community Group who attended on the day received a £250 donation from the Syngenta Employees Community Gift, to show appreciation for giving up their time to attend. Groups who attended included: Platform One; Hollybank Trust, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Andys Man Club, Conscious Youth, Volunteering Kirklees, Laura Crane Trust, Forget Me Not Trust, RSPCA, The Lighthouse Club

For more information about the Syngenta Employees Community Gift Scheme, please email: