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AHDB Pest Bulletin

Syngenta are pleased to sponsor the AHDB Pest Bulletin, updated by Rosemary Collier in association with University of Warwick. 2017 bulletins start in April....

Lettuce Aphid update

The forecast for aphid pests of brassica, cereals and potatoes.

Large Narcisus Fly Forecasts

The forecasts below predict the timing of narcissus fly activity.

Brassica Aphids

Key findings from the 2016 forecasts

Cutworm (Turnip Moth)

The weekly forecast for Cutworm activity

Brassica Caterpillar

Using a variety of tools to detect pest activity, such as light traps to tell you moth...

Bean Seed Fly update

Bean seed flies overwinter as pupae in the soil. In early spring (March-April), flies...

Cabbage Root Fly Forecasts

The forecasts predict the timing of fly activity.

Brassica Flea Beetles

Flea beetle activity is recorded from water trap captures at Wellesbourne...

Brassica Pollen Beetles

See the numbers of pollen beetles captured in 3 yellow water traps at Wellesbourne....

Carrot Fly Forecast

The forecasts are based on weather data collected by Plantsystems Limited and funded...

Black Bean Aphid

No Aphis fabae have been captured yet in suction traps.

Willow-carrot aphid

Willow-carrot aphid is one of the species captured in the network of suction traps run...

Lettuce Caterpillar update

A few silver Y moths have been captured in light traps in southern England over the...

Brassica aphids and virus NEWS

Brassica aphids and virus

Weekly report showing the proportion of peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae) carrying Turnip yellows virus (TuYV).

TuYV, formerly known as Beet western yellows virus, is a very important pathogen of vegetable brassicas and oilseed rape. It is spread by the peach potato aphid (M. persicae).


Type of trap

Numbers of M. persicae caught

% of those tested carrying TuYV

Wellesbourne, Warwickshire


Suction trap




Yellow water traps



Kirton, Lincolnshire


Suction trap



Leverton, Lincolnshire


Yellow water traps



This is the final report for the 2016 season. Reports will resume in June 2017.