Top 3 winter wheats for this season

Winter Wheat

2023 has been another year full of extremes, including weather and market conditions, which has been underlined by the wettest harvest period for many, many years.

Variety choice is one way in which we can continue to manage risk, and selecting proven varieties which have delivered across several very different seasons is a good measure of variety resilience.

Syngenta actively select varieties for yield stability and we have seen that in GRAHAM, GLEAM and SY INSITOR.

Each of the varieties are hard group 4s but have different agronomic profiles and growth habits which determine their ideal positioning on farm.

Here are some of the key reasons to consider these varieties for autumn 2023. 




The barn filling hard feed for the UK

  • The highest yielding variety on light land
  • Excellent grain quality with a very high specific weight
  • Robust Septoria tritici resistance
  • Great choice as both a first and second wheat
  • Very high performance in delayed drilling slot
  • OWBM resistance simplifies pest management




The most adaptable variety on the list

  • High yielding in all rotational positions, regions, and soil types
  • Wide drilling window from Sept to mid-February to give security for growers
  • High tillering capacity and retention
  • OWBM resistance for added security
  • Outstanding consistency
  • Early maturity




The secure option that’s easy to manage

  • A variety with proven on farm performance that continues to deliver, year on year
  • Unique genetics in the market
  • Excellent Septoria tritici (6.7) and Yellow Rust (8) resistance drives high untreated yields
  • Reliable straw and grain quality
  • Very early maturity helps spread harvest risk and workload



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